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With a shapely westerner belly beginning to form around what once was a set of relatively well defined bumps and/or humps, it was decided that the time had come to commence moving long distances at a greater than slow speed and to lift heavy objects.

The Chiropractor
To commence said exertion and subsequent salt release, it was first necessary for Brad’s decrepit form to receive a spinal 'snap, crackle, and popsy'. Thanks to the genius of the webernet, one was able to locate an Australian-trained-and-therefore-English-speaking cracker of backs in Busan. Busan is South Korea's 2nd biggest city and located about 40 minutes from Daegu via the KTX high speed train.

The wonderful Dr. You provides 30-40 minutes of chiropractic treatment, 10 minutes of massage, finished off with 10-15 minutes of acupuncture/dry needling…all for a little over 20 Aussie bucks. Furthermore, foot and calf massaging machines and free drinks are provided as you wait in the foyer. It's fair to say that, save for the presence of Emma, Brad would have asked Dr. You out for a dinner-movie date or at least tickled his erogenous zone.

The Gym
So, with busted bones temporarily aligned we signed up to the local gym (Brad as ‘Basil Zempilas’). Emma made the error of taking her first ever ‘Step’ class in another language. Only those people who have ever done a Step class before will be able to grasp the magnitude of this mistake- Cue a hilarious hour of dance music and mistimed jumping, lunging, and arm-waving. Meanwhile, in another part of the gym, Brad was busy working his glutes whilst staring into a large mirror. He also started making friends with the gym manager who wanted us to be guinea pigs for the gym’s first English-speaking exercise classes. There was some pressure to attend these classes, as at the time we were the only two Westerner members! Our new trainer/friend is called Jin and his core-stability classes are insane. They make us hurt everywhere, including the ribs and dick.

Inside ‘Metro Fitness’
View from inside ‘Metro Fitness’
Post-script: The gym employees continue to refer to Brad as Basil.

The Great Outdoors
Emma bought a used bike. It is a heap of crap. She loves it.
Brad found a river. He often runs next to it. He loves it.
Go Emma go!
The river run/cycle path goes through the city and branches into the tranquil and mountainous “Happy Forest”.
The Sweat Bandits made their South Korean debut… and were quick to assert their handsomeness whilst exerting some form of effort. (www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=44821496658#!/group.php?gid=44821496658)
A 2 hour run seemed like a fun way to spend a Saturday morning. It wasn’t. Here are the pre and post photos as featured in Korea’s ‘Got the Runs’ magazine:
An observation from our river-side bike rides and runs: All the oldies of Daegu who are not selling fruit or collecting garbage seem to congregate under traffic bridges where they talk, sing, eat, and bicker over card games and dirt-course croquet. There is also a minority of seniors who sit around playing instruments for the pleasure of passers-by. (Everyone here lives in apartment complexes, so hitting the sax at any time of the day or night is very likely to lead to a Taekwondo beat-down).

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